How to make a flower place card


1- Dinner table set up

You know, table is the cornerstone of a meal, the place where we end up eating every type of food all together, whatever is the thing to celebrate. And this is the reason why its setting up should never be neglected, because a fresh and original table setting is able to put everyone in a good mood. Especially if it’s bold and colourful. There are lots of details which can change the way a table setting looks, but today we are going to focus on place cards. You know, whatever is the occasion, a place card makes every kind of table refined and elegant. Moreover, a place card has the ability to make every guest feel special, making their presence necessary. So, thanks also to this warm spring season, made of lunch eaten in the porch, I will help you make a refined and delicate flower place card.

2- How to make a flower place card

What you need:

Little jars


Bunch of flowers

Leather lace

Paper decorations

Hot glue

Natural twine

Step 1 – First thing you need to do, in order to make this flower place card, is to create a nosegay, which will be put into jars. You can choose different flowers for each guest. Before put them inside, fill each jars with pepper. Doing so, flowers will stay in their original position for a long time, without using that “ not so cute” floral green foam.

Step 2 – Decorate every jars with a piece of leather lace. I suggest you to put it only around the perimeter, glueing the edges with hot glue. Afterwards, put a piece of natural twine over the leather lace, making a cute bow. Add a final touch by writing the name of the guest or a thank you note on a little card with a penmanship writing, putting it between the twine and the leather lace.

Step 3 – So now you are ready to put your flower place card on the dish in front of each guest. The cute thing about this project is that you don’t need a centerpiece. When each guest will move tits flower place card, putting it maybe near their glass, a fresh and bold natural centerpiece will take shape.

3- Floral place card

This place card is versatile and so easy to make. The leather lace can be removed easily from the jar, so they can be re-used for fall jams. Every time your flower place card will be different from the previous one because you just need to change flowers and the color of the natural twine to have something different every time you need it. A flower place card which will make the setting-up of your table even more original, letting you impress all of your guest easily.


Calligraphy, styling and photography: Elena Botti


Elena Botti

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